Dear Sirs,

We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Sis-Flon make Virgin and filled grade PTFE [Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene] products and all types of Mechanical seals.

Our company is an active presence in the field of Engineering, Consultation of industrial products since last 30 years.

We are manufacturing Piston ring, Rider ring, Rod Packing for Air/ Gas compressor & hydraulic systems. V-ring gasket for piston rods, Plunger pumps and valves; Shat seals for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food processing, Fertilizers, Textiles and other industries, Bridge bearing pads, Pipe support pads, Mounting pads for heavy manufacturing, Gaskets for flanges in pipelines and process equipments, Lantern rings for Cement industries, Connectors for Tele-communications, Nozzles for Electrical applications and Expansion bellows.

We are also fabricators of PTFE rods, Bushes, Gaskets [ envelop & mill cut] Ptfe bellows, balls, Backup rings, Wear rings, Piston rings, and Rotary joints guide and seal rings in all sizes.

We are also manufacturing components in engineering plastics as per the customer specifications or drawing / samples and tailor made articles.

These products are processed from 100% virgin ptfe and filled grade like 25% and 35% carbon, 15% graphite, 25% Glass, 40% and 60% Bronze, and other filled material.

Our products are approved by many reputed end users like Chemical plants, Paper mills, Fertilizers sector, Electricity boards, Cement plants, Textile industries etc. and we are supplying our products to many Govt. sectors and we have their approval also.

For your ready reference and per soul we are enclosing here with our products range, Catalogue and request you to kindly study these and inform us / send us your enquiries for any of the products required at present or in future.

Should you need any further information / clarification, please free feel to contact us.


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